How to Use Progesterone Cream

Published: 05th September 2008
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"How to use progesterone cream" is a burning question many menopause and PMS symptom suffers asks. Well for starters, you are probably searching for natural progesterone cream due to the following symptoms:

-Anxiety and Depression
-Mood Swings
-Hot Flashes
-Noticeable Weight Gain

These symptoms are very common for women approaching the age of 45 years old. If you are close to 45 you are going through a time in your life known as menopause. Menopause is not fun, and can cause severe health problems if not treated properly. Some of the health problems menopause can cause is severe bone loss. On average, women lose 25% of their entire bone mass due to menopause. Don't worry though, thank god you are reading this article because there is a solution to slowing down the progression of menopause and alleviating the pain.

The cure is known as natural progesterone cream. Many people ask "How to use Progesterone cream". The answer is very simple.

The use of progesterone cream helps to put back the progesterone in your body. By putting progesterone into your body your helping restore your natural hormonal balance. Natural progesterone cream is a moisturizing cream that is derived from a plant. The best way to apply progesterone cream is on your face and hands. You can also apply it on your thigh, chest, or cheeks but the best places are on your face and hands. It will help maintain moist skin and help prevent dry and cracking skin. The cream will be helping restore hormonal balance between progesterone and estrogen, eliminating the symptoms of menopause and PMS. There is no way of curing menopause but there are plenty of ways to ease the harsh side effects. Using this all natural cream is one of them!

Progesterone cream is the best thing many women have ever used. I know some women that have used the cream for over 20 years with NO SIDE AFFECTS. You should never experience any side affects using progesterone cream unless you use way too much. Even if you use too much cream, the only side affect you may experience is doziness. If you overdose on progesterone cream don't worry! There have been no reported deaths using this cream and there are no harmful chemicals in the cream either. Remember, it is ALL NATURAL, derived from the root of a PLANT.

Stop suffering from menopause and PMS symptoms and take action now! Many women let menopause get the best of them. Did you know that most women lose 25% of their entire bone mass due to menopause? The worst thing you could do is let menopause get the best of you. What do you have to lose? There is no point in putting harmful chemicals in your body with over-the-counter medication when you can use all natural treatments to menopause. This is the worst time in your life, you need to make it the best time of your life and not let menopause get the best of you. I wish you the best of luck!

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